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Vortex is BACK!
The "SHOW & TELL" Of Lead Generation.
Because TALK is CHEAP.

How Does Learning Lead Generation Empower You?
Your business depends on it and what is the alternative? If your warm market is "shot" you can  buy OVERPRICED recycled "leads" or produce them yourself.  

The VORTEX Difference.

We show you how to GENERATE  LOW cost & NO Cost leads and even provide you with easy to use software that enables you to SHARE your leads with your sales team!
Joel Sauceda..Founder Of Vortex
Hello, my name's Joel Sauceda..

No, I'm not part of the "GURU" circuit, however, I'm a guy who enjoys leveraging technology and clever marketing techniques to produce leads but my real passion is teaching others how to do the same and taking the complexity out of the technology that's required to accomplish that.
So this is what VORTEX Alliance is all about. We empower people from any direct sales company to take control of their own destiny by teaching them how to become effective LEAD GENERATORS. 
 Below are a few examples of what I teach
from 20+ years of experience.
All of these videos are NON-SCRIPTED. 
Recent Seminar I did In Tuscon..
How I Produced Over 4000+ Leads
Posting Ads On FREE Sites
How I Use Automated DIALERS To
Produce TOP TIER leads For PENNIES.
To Work For Me 24/7

"Funnel Fever"
Is out of control!

Millions of COOL looking"Funnels" are littering the internet with ZERO traffic. Don't be the next victim.


WITHOUT Traffic & Leads a Funnel is MERELY a  FUNNEL

Put 75% Of Your Time Into Learning Lead Generation​​​​​​​...
Is Vortex Marketing Alliance For You?
The BOTTOM line is this..If you want to become a LEAD GENERATOR for the benefit of your current MLM, you will derive great benefit from Vortex. 

If your TIRED of failing in MLM or maybe success within an MLM is NOT going to happen for you, why not SUCCEED at PROVIDING leads to people in ANY mlm and maybe even putting talented mlm people to work building a team for you..(quite a shift of thinking there?). With the knowledge you will gain a world of options will open up for you!
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